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Last update on: 2012-06-monthly


Arthur worked with Phil to revise the product spec and started initial implementation


Arthur Richards worked with Phil Chang to revise the product specs of the new Contact us form, and started to implement it.


Work began again after a pause due to other high priority projects. Arthur begun some of the backend work while Jon looked at the styling work


Arthur Richards and Jon Robson finished the first beta version of the new "Contact us" form. It's been deployed to our beta infrastructure and we're collecting user feedback both in and about the tool. We'll be letting this sit for two weeks to collect feedback and then will re-assess for next steps.


Arthur Richards and Jon Robson finished up their first sprint of work. The new design is in beta now


Phil sync'd up with Phillipe about further product speccing. Were looking to pick this up again in a couple of weeks


Arthur added some finishing polish in preparation for pushing out of beta next week.


Arthur Richards finished his changes to the Contact us feature, and we've deployed the first version to production. We'll be collecting feedback over the next week to figure out what other features to add.


Phil, Tomasz, and Arthur worked together to test out several new contact methods for mobile users. They routed general contact emails to OTRS and technical emails are going directly to the engineering team. With some minor changes a more permanent email address will be set up for technical problems.