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Last update on: 2012-05-09 Added to, per Thread:Project:Current issues/Categorize "/status" subpages


Philip Chang started definition of Photo Upload as two workflows, Basic and Advanced. Basic is modeled after the current Upload Wizard as the basis of a mobile-friendly workflow, and Advanced uses a Wikipedia article (or other site content) as the starting point and incorporates game dynamics.


Lindsey created the first set of basic wireframes for mobile uploads


Phil updated mock-ups to v0.4, ready for legal and final review


Phil updated mock-ups to v0.4 with final language reviewed by legal.


Lindsey Smith created the first set of basic wireframes for mobile uploads, and Philip Chang updated the mock-ups to v0.4 with final language reviewed by the legal team.


We're holding on this while we develop our new nav more


Exploration of possible path forward with Wiki Loves Monuments started


Recommendation is to start with a standalone app dedicated to WLM. We are looking at input to decide if the app should be for Android or iPhone. Also adding a new sub-page for the WLM focus.


Development was paused in favor of the new mobile navigation. We explored how to collaborate with Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), and we have decided that a standalone app for WLM is the best way to go. Our initial development will be for Android, and iOS pending progress. Brion Vibber created a rough demonstration of some of the required features on github.


Created a WLM specific project page for uploads. We'll be concentrating all photo upload there for the next three months. After the WLM experiment we'll revisit how we approach uploads within MediaWiki itself