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This details mobile release history on mobile and the current features we are working on.

Mobile Web[edit]

The mobile web version of Wikipedia makes use of three modes - alpha, beta and stable. Stable mode is the default experience for all users, however users can opt into other modes where they get additional features at the expensive of slightly less stability. Beta is generally bug free or close to bug free and is where we stage features and tweak them to perfection before releasing them to the wild. Our experimental (alpha) mode is as it suggests - very experimental. There are lots more features here and a higher probability of bugs. Developers are encouraged to submit new feature ideas for alpha testing as long as there is no other feature which tries to solve the same problem. Alpha features will be assessed based on user feedback as well as through the use of EventLogging and the best ones will be moved to beta.

You can find a list of features in beta and You can find a list of features in alpha.

Scrapped Experiments[edit]

Some experiments don't make it to stable. The following features were dropped from alpha:

Feature Experiment duration Lead Why scrapped
Collapsed tables with zoom icon in top right corner 2012-12 -> 2013-09 User:jdlrobson Neglected experiment
Inline style scrubbing 2013-01-24 -> 2013-09 User:jdlrobson Requests for comment/Allow styling in templates
Search button on special pages  ? -> 2013-06-03 User:Jdlrobson Echo lost it a home
Dynamic random button 2012-10-30 -> 2013-04 User:Jdlrobson Due to bugs in lazy page loading

[Removing from Alpha in I5c731661ea059f61a4cb6cb5ce0409e37115f68b] No main page special casing - in stable main pages are special cased. We'd rather they weren't. This provides an environment with additional styles which reduces the need.




Platforma Wersja Pobierz In store MD5 Zmiany
Android 2.5.195-r-2017-04-21 [1] 2017-04-21 ec7f6c363295503343d6c57c9f514645
  • Substantial improvements to the reading lists UI
  • Multiple reading list articles can now be selected at once
  • Individual reading list articles can now be toggled on/offline.
  • Images are now cached for offline availability
  • Random feed card now pulls a random article from the user's reading lists when offline
  • Many other bug fixes and UI updates
Android 2.5.194-r-2017-04-19 [2] 2017-04-19 bc422b7f493d91697ebb2202233115b7

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.5.192-r-2017-04-04 [3] 2017-04-04 014ba9b42d8acffc8672859fcb0468e1

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.5.191-r-2017-03-31 [4] 2017-03-31 2c0b5ac60af0d7eebe943ca674f93d8f
Android 2.5.190-r-2017-02-24 [5] 2017-02-24 d5de1e03195841e76041a3a8bca9ea61
  • Support for two-factor authentication when logging in.
  • Improved multi-window support for Samsung devices and for Android Nougat.
  • Improved network performance and offline support for cached page previews.
  • Minor UI refinements to image gallery, link previews, and reading lists.
  • Changing the wiki language now also changes the app UI language.
  • Numerous bug and crash fixes.
Android 2.5.189-r-2017-02-15 [6] 2017-02-15 bbb1c94ecf3f4b05e427ef6c7354daa5

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.5.188-r-2017-02-10 [7] 2017-02-10 c51995edaadad77e5a0e4262b14c8111

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.5.187-r-2017-02-08 [8] 2017-02-08 8c459ffabc1e43e4b06c259f3a3464f3

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.4.184-r-2016-12-14 [9] 2016-12-14 cd71148b7c2dffed6eb4764caec1d672
  • Maintenance release with a number of crash/bug fixes.
Android 2.4.183-r-2016-12-08 [10] 2016-12-08 fff71a217f3aaf4c7467c33e14f9bff1
  • Full support for Android 7 (Nougat).
  • Support for announcements in the Explore feed.
  • Improved system notifications for Wikipedia Zero.
  • Home screen widgets are now resizeable.
  • Internal overhaul of network functions for improved performance.
  • Numerous fixes for bugs and crashes.
Android 2.4.182-r-2016-12-06 [11] 2016-12-06 43b0ae5666c8baba4f0d9ab57f329a3e

rejected release candidate

Android 2.4.181-r-2016-12-05 [12] 2016-12-05 af90a9ea6fafcde9ee4f2e92afd817e4

rejected release candidate

Android 2.4.160-r-2016-10-14 [13] 2016-10-14 ac3ce6fc52e6f2020bd9d277dfd1cf97
  • Article protection and user editing rights are now handled correctly on fresh login
  • Add button to dismiss all open article tabs
  • Numerous design improvements to share-a-fact, and the Explore and article toolbars
  • Fixes for searching history and tap to toggle gallery image descriptions
  • Several crash fixes
Android 2.4.158-r-2016-10-13 [14] 2016-10-13 6933135c4ff7a815f54c68c4aeeadb1a

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.4.157-r-2016-09-28 [15] 2016-09-28 784ce9ca268ee2fb0808d4c3ce9ee4bb
  • Access your favorite features more easily with bottom navigation: quickly jump between the Explore feed, your reading lists, your recently-viewed articles, and pages nearby you.
  • When reading an article, the bottom toolbar now provides access to the most popular actions (save to reading list, share, change language, find in page, and table of contents).
  • Reading lists and their contents are now searchable.
  • Fixed dark theme in the main screen.
Android 2.4.156-r-2016-09-19 [16] 2016-09-19 9478621fbf319c844b2585c6610905f6

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.3.152-r-2016-08-18 [17] 2016-08-18 4307a103bb9ad03496ca07e0555cb1e4
  • Added button at the top of Feed to show current tab list.
  • Tabs button now shows the number of active tabs.
  • State of dismissed feed cards now correctly preserved.
Android 2.3.151-r-2016-08-17 [18] 2016-08-17 d46206c39602684d5e9c968e554245af

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.3.150-r-2016-07-25 [19] 2016-07-25 68a9a957a435648cef18f3dcc80593ab


Android 2.3.149-r-2016-07-19 [20] 2016-07-19 f0acab6ec3bf4d4a68861b68c866399a

Rejected release candidate alpha (wordmark design)

Android 2.3.148-r-2016-07-18 [21] 2016-07-18 a5098f3961cdef90e0d79a196db36f85

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.2.147-r-2016-06-06 [22] 2016-06-06 d88b4b1bf58013e7a1524c788d175245
  • Reading Lists can now be sorted by name or last-read.
  • Added tip for how to remove articles from reading lists.
  • Minor UI tweak to search results.
  • Added talk link to bottom of articles (will open in external browser).
  • Several miscellaneous crash fixes.
Android 2.2.146-r-2016-05-23 [23] 2016-05-23 7ea840148e68b10bf6d47a5636284aaf
  • Reading Lists: In place of the old "Saved Pages", you can now organize the articles you browse into reading lists, which you can access even when you're offline. Create as many lists as you like, give them custom names, and populate them with articles from any language wiki!
  • "Edit here": Press and hold to highlight a word while reading an article, and select the "edit here" button to start editing at the highlighted location.
  • Show redirect source in search results, if applicable.
  • Update login authentication to work with the latest server changes.
  • Improved Wikipedia Zero banner design and persistence.
  • No longer download and widen high-quality images when on a metered connection.
  • Numerous crash and bug fixes.
Android 2.1.144-r-2016-05-09 [24] 2016-05-09 362c01cc05b0ab02f2098a0f97a39dd7

Hotfix for HTTP2 login and edit issues.

Android 2.1.143-r-2016-03-16 [25] 2016-03-16 3e6310562dff89a8857820f0f4ec5902

Release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.142-r-2016-03-07 [26] 2016-03-07 0c847392d018b28bca9d01b70bbc4a81

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.141-r-2016-02-10 [27] 2016-02-10 0bf8d38bbd2c825e4477e6986102f2b1
  • Support for animated images throughout the app (image gallery, lead images, search results, etc).
  • When saving media from the gallery, the files are now downloaded in their original form and resolution to your device's external memory, and made available in the device's Gallery app.
  • Improved memory consumption in the app when browsing lots of pages and images.
  • Improvements to the networking layer and stability.
  • Fixed account creation without an email address.
  • Fixed ability to copy large amounts of text to the clipboard.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug and crash fixes.
Android 2.1.140-r-2016-02-04 [28] 2016-02-04 65e9aea2aa8aaaeac30d8fb2e67dc82e

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.139-r-2016-01-22 [29] 2016-01-22 f7aabc5217fa57d72b51560bf2f1117b

Not a release candidate

Android 2.1.138-r-2016-01-22 [30] 2016-01-22 f07faf78c91e733077274d479b4a2a3a

Hotfix for login issue, T124384

Android 2.1.137-r-2016-01-11 [31] 2016-01-11 5c743119b53e8929b7da7a2ee653017f

Release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.136-r-2015-12-09 [32] 2015-12-09 72e2f1ffc7eb1676d70517c1bd1a3eb1
  • Nearby with Maps! Tap the Nearby option in the navigation menu to see an interactive map with Wikipedia articles about locations near you, or anywhere else in the world.
  • In Android 6.0, highlighting a word in any other app gives the option to search for it in Wikipedia.
  • Deleting your browsing history will now also clear your open tabs.
  • Updated link preview design
  • Fixed a metric ton of bugs and crashes.

Android 2.1.135-r-2015-12-03 [33] 2015-12-03 d03b8f3fb697dfc10495bdb8f82a1448

Not a release candidate

Android 2.1.134-r-2015-11-12 [34] 2015-11-12 4cbc6b0fb2b913fb4750d6704daaabe5

Release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.133-r-2015-10-26 [35] 2015-10-26 7aa151cf2943d265b96e89850bd2a324
Android 2.1.132-r-2015-10-23 [36] 2015-10-23 ca7d2cd9be25b4e858904737441d1f41

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.1.131-r-2015-09-28 [37] 2015-09-28 208bfd29473d823ec812214790aa0324

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.0.111-r-2015-09-16 [38] 2015-09-16 c328c6b3a732072e9738804546c3aec5
  • Improved image backgrounds in dark mode
  • Fixed link sharing on Gingerbread devices
  • Miscellaneous minor UI tweaks and fixes
  • Several crash fixes
Android 2.0.110-r-2015-08-31 [39] 2015-08-31 7887ca0d2e431fa2e048746ede52f010
  • Link previews: tap on links to see a preview of the article, including a swipeable image thumbnail gallery, without losing your place while reading.
  • More options when pressing-and-holding links: Save for offline reading, Share, and Copy.
  • Improved performance when rotating screen.
  • Improved ordering of search results.
  • Improved behavior of offline saved pages.
  • Share a link to the current article directly from the overflow menu.
  • Updates to Material Design compliance.
Android 2.0.109-r-2015-08-21 [40] 2015-08-21 57e5bffc1ad1d2c68b0eff174e74b792

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.0.108-r-2015-08-04 [41] 2015-08-04 2239d5baeb15ac1b27784b267b568af7
Android 2.0.107-r-2015-08-03 [42] 2015-08-03 b22d69e0d1708578b228a8502fea5a54
Android 2.0.105-r-2015-06-30 [43] 2015-06-30 0c3b7d299b74602eb9021aafe4ceb7c9

Tracking task with release notes:

Android 2.0.104-r-2015-06-25 [44] 2015-06-25 0f410b3c7da72a14c71fd6062068cc2c

Rejected release candidate alpha

Android 2.0.102-r-2015-05-14 [45] 2015-05-14 377516afb52c5c0043bf79e8d064497b

Release candidate alpha

Android 2.0-r-2015-04-23 (101) [46] 2015-04-29 866a2239d85841670eff5c93ec6a51a3
  • Mainly a bugfix release. More details at bug T97064.
  • Staged rollout: 4/29: 5%, 4/30: 20%, 5/1: 100%
Android 2.0-r-2015-03-23 (98) [47] 2015-03-30 e01dd4d5bb578f9ab43b31101194b316
  • Enhanced sharing! Highlight an interesting fact from an article and tap "Share" in the overflow menu to create an image which can be shared to social networks and other platforms.
  • Added featured article and search widgets. Long press on your home screen to bring up the widgets menu.
  • Enabled caching of pages on internal/external storage, reducing memory usage and reducing frequency of "out of memory" crashes.
  • Miscellaneous design tweaks, bug fixes, crash fixes, and translation updates.
Android 2.0-r-2015-01-15 (92) [48] 2015-01-15 3ab718eb97958719db0677d309497ce1
  • Lead images: experience Wikipedia like never before with a prominent, contextually-relevant image and description at the top of articles
  • Image gallery: tap on images to view them full-screen. Swipe left or right to browse other images within the article
  • Descriptions from Wikidata: descriptions appear in search results, in Nearby results, under page titles, and in Read More and disambiguation suggestions.
  • Read more: suggestions for further reading at the bottom of articles
  • Search improvements: search results now have quick descriptions below them. There is also a history of your searches when the search box is empty
Android 2.0-r-2014-12-01 (89) [49] 2014-12-01 0011c0d15bedd6a8cd601f84b17704fd
  • Laid the groundwork for upcoming improvements to the search function.
Android 2.0-r-2014-11-03 (88) [50] 2014-11-03 6b9c466ad110b85bcda2840ba4b8817e
  • No new features, just bug fixes
Android 2.0-r-2014-10-30 (87) [51] 2014-10-30 aacc961b66c54e15212f5efe79fce3f3
  • The left Navigation menu is now accessible from all screens (Browsing, History, Saved Pages, etc.)
  • Replaced the Search field at the top with a Search button that expands into a text field.
  • Improved the appearance of the progress bar when loading pages and searching.
  • Improved order of search results when searching.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
Android 2.0-r-2014-10-14 (84) [52] 2014-10-14 75187004833ee94332e5c4ca1f4e5149
  • Nearby: Learn more about what's around you by getting links to articles about things that are near your current location (location services are used only by this feature).
  • Added a one-time Table of Contents tutorial screen.
  • Rolled up "page issues" boxes into a link that shows them as a popup dialog.
  • Rolled up disambiguation links into a single link that shows them as a popup list.
  • Frequently-used languages are now kept at the top of the list, for easier selection.
  • Improved page loading speed and data usage by using compression in network requests.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
Android 2.0-r-2014-08-13 (76) [53] 2014-08-13 40e9ca535ff09d78c64a9bc62d0a74ec search indexing improvements; add Traditional Chinese for UI
Android 2.0-r-2014-08-07 (75) [54] 2014-08-07 2dfd3f111e12113c005164296c488e9f Add Today menu, dark theme fixes, reference popup fixes, Chinese language variants
Android 2.0-r-2014-07-23 (73) [55] 2014-07-23 e9141d5e77fd04c280708b6fd6d37af1 Added Dark theme, increase/decrease font size, better reference popups, onboarding screen
Android 2.0 (71) [56] 2014-06-25 d63e0161e0114eb73bb4be98aab60391 Complete rewrite as native app, Editing, Log in, Table of Contents (swipe from right edge), Save pages, Find in page


See the latest status for various channels.

Wersja Git Tag Git SHA Phabricator Ticket App Store Release Date Release Notes
5.4.1 (1124) releases/5.4.1 2073dce74af1e2dd3f8b61e75e136847abb3453f [57] 2016-05-03 No features, but major changes to caching system, image requesting and background processing. Other small bug fixes.
5.4.0 (1095) releases/5.4.0 7d2ef55300e4a5f2e2af7f7975a51244f811f47b [58] 2016-03-22 New login system. Fixes for images issues (cacheing, cropping, ipad layout, POTD and share-a-fact bugs). Analytics bug fixes to reinstate sampling and fix pageviews counts.
5.3.4 (1046) releases/5.3.4 aec1537a8458444fa5914b962306333a7a92fe51 [59] 2016-01-09 Fix for share-a-fact. Fixes for high frequency crashes.
5.3.3 (1038) releases/5.3.3 6e2795ade5c88fe29461fa9113899455750a7057 [60] 2016-12-21 Small bugfix for layout stability on Explore and better performance loading multiple articles.
5.3.2 (1030) releases/5.3.2 69bde41a5fb7011d062d337636654c3a27821566 [61] 2016-12-18 Switch database to CoreData, small fixes to layouts
5.3.1 (1011) releases/5.3.1 214e3f1423fb0c62dac0850125274e59e3a34fb7 [62] 2016-12-2 Announcement cards. Bug fixes for Explore loading and notifications.
5.3.0 (998) releases/5.3.0 ac41a1eb2f0af0ba855f24bf5af84729441c6abb [63] 2016-11-21 Trending In the News notification, Chinese transliteration, use MCS Feed endpoint to drive Explore, all local caching now uses DB
5.2.1 (942.1) releases/ dd5d45cc41d4705d802dbc678b1bcebf0d33bf54 [64] 2016-09-22 Widget bug fixes, localization and stability improvements.
5.2.0 (939) releases/ 764fd3ea1c0b611c8608e0eb3f0759a0488dffa3 [65] 2016-09-13 iOS 10 compatibility, Today screen widgets for continue reading and top read articles
5.1.1 (920.1) releases/ 4136550f52e1f0be084b545b32e750c7a8839a87 n/a/ 2016-09-06 Small bug fixes.exe
5.1.0 (918.1) releases/ 47e127b30deeda40c147815db6cec8572031c1f6 [66] 2016-8-30 Find in page, iPad designs on Explore and article view, database backing for saved and recents.
5.0.6 (909.1) releases/ 8f9ad5bb445c4b19b19cdde8113ebdce800f2cf3 [67] 2016-08-15 Additional crash fixes. Move processes off UI thread and improve memory issues for users with large saved libraries.
5.0.5 (904.1.1) releases/ e0e3a645796c5e3eb0e9197f6d0445820589a891 [68] 2016-07-28 Replace UIWebView with WKWebView, new image cacheing, lots of bug fixes.
5.0.4 (851.1) releases/ 26093dcabfb070ecda456d7a4c79588d9408d471 134509 2016-05-09 Bug fix for Explore feed and Most Read stability.
5.0.3 (850.1) releases/ 29bc78863b52a612fef94db25dd649fa03881b32 T133962 2016-05-03 Bug fixes for page updating and image crashes. Added text size control, language controls and multitasking support on iPad. Removed landscape support on iPhone for Explore.
5.0.2 (802.1) releases/ 007d91ba053bdd4c944f01633410f728f72cb661 T131103 2016-03-29 Expedited update at Apple's request to fix issues with links into the app in iOS 9.3.
5.0.1 (794) releases/ N/A N/A 2016-03-22 Minor update to address crashes, improve load time, and add localizations.
5.0.0 (775) releases/ 94470e7e39912cc242773e1122b7b08e8e6f73fe T127857 2016-03-10 Major update with all new code base, Explore feed, navigation and visual design.
4.1.7 (171) 3c1896566876ac6de282a05e71b4bf0eb775bfc1 T106106 2015-08-03 Bug fixes, localization updates
4.1.6 (150) 3d4757d411f7751395cad0f5ff03ac20aa37897f T103688 2015-07-8 Crash fixes, drop iOS 7
4.1.5 (144) 89dfdcaaebc698e0bf3f74801bb062a3c29e928e T101109 2015-06-24 UI Improvements, Performance Improvements, Bug fixes.
4.1.4 (130) 81b3e560ab56ad06cbc0e00414dbe618bcc4b622 T100685 2015-06-2 UI Improvements, Performance Improvements, Bug fixes.
4.1.3 (96) 08f301e T95969 2015-05-13 Page issues & disambiguation. Minor bug fixes and improvements. release/ cd0076cf30ea67cb185dc3d0062d112c403f69ba T96389 2015-04-19 11:53 Bugfix for data migration crashes release/ f7749012cc2215e715e0d54fef0970217aaab25f T86692 2015-04-15


Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Platform Version Download App submitted In store MD5 Release Notes
Android 1.2.5 (13) [69] 2012-09-24 2012-09-24 1e5079fd7fe124c56e972f208df626b8 Bugfix for incorrect login to test wiki
Android 1.2.4 (12) [70] 2012-09-20 2012-09-20 ff2beb9bd4de7abd2077c515e671393b
Android 1.2.3-1 (11) [71] 2012-09-12 2012-09-12 ca0a89093135a21aaf1c5954f1d07096
Android 1.2.3 (10) [72] 2012-09-10 2012-09-10 17a0dfee69af802775d395c9ea514509
Android 1.2.2 (8) [73] 2012-09-05 2012-09-05 d7b3fda0ef217f3a6085dba8ec577ec3
Android 1.2.1 (7) [74] 2012-08-31 2012-08-31 ff351054304fdece2a8f3f03731dd4ed
Android 1.2 (6) [75] 2012-08-30 2012-08-31 c73926a478ed380740c1a71917fd4a95