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WMF's Developer Relations wants to engage with established tech friendly groups to work with us on testing, documentation, development, design... Many of these activities can be also performed by non-developers and actually by pure tech-curious novices.

Think of developer groups, but think also about Wikipedia meetups, college students of any kind, tech clubs, social or cultural organizations... We also want to explore beyond the usual suspects: what about those having a harder time because of their abilities, age, gender, language, or cultural, ethnic, or economic background?

If you are interested, contact us through the Discussion page or contacting Quim Gil directly.


In touch[edit]

Name Location Contact Activities Last update
OpenHatch USA / online Asheesh Laroia 2013-02-27 meeting notes, 2012-06-09 Article Feedback testing 2013-02-27
SocialCoding4Good USA Celine Takatsuno Ramping up. 2013-05-14
Girls Who Code USA Dana Ledyard Possibilities for 2014. 2013-09-19


  • Code2040 - US based. Specific focus on Blacks and Latino/as.