Meetings/Test framework/2010-10-15



Past week's action items:

  • (done) Priyanka: Dynamic confuguration - cookie + hook - Incorporate Roan's feedback. Check in basic code. Post to wikitech-l
  • (done) mglaser: further detail the specification and send it to wikitech-l for comments
  • dnessett/mglaser: (blocked) Add database setup/cleanup function for tests to run
  • (done) Priyanka: Incorporate Michelle's tests and Calcey's tests
  • (done) mglaser: add option to the framework for using it with cruisecontrol
  • hexmode: get parserTests working with and without phpUnit
  • (done) Markus: check in dan's code on starting/stopping the selenium server
  • (n/a) Rob: get test stuff on Hack-a-ton agenda
  • (done) Rob: cancel the meeting on October 22

This week's action items:


  • Fix the "isset( $wgSeleniumTestConfigs )" indicates a register_globals vulnerability
  • Test name could be validated simply by checking if it's a key in $wgSeleniumTestConfigs. This should be done /before/ it's setcookie()'d (and again after being pulled out of $_COOKIE).
  • Restrict test suite names to [a-zA-Z0-9].
  • Replace the $configArray deal could be replaced with $GLOBALS[$key] += $value;
  • Send Markus email describing WikiEditor tests

Markus: look at WikiEditor tests

  • hexmode: get parserTests working with and without phpUnit

Hack-a-ton agenda:

  • Hopefully:
    • day 1 - prep and architecture session
    • day 2 - everyone write tests


  • Priyanka - discuss configuration file for running tests - figure out how to run a subset of tests, and dynamic selection of tests (Mostly done. Need to finish writing some tests)
  • Write up a style guide for Selenium tests (e.g. not including a massive number of tests into a single test)