1.16 Release Condtions Meeting


Attendees: Rob Lanphier, Danese Cooper, Mark Hershberger, Chad Horohoe (by phone), Tim Starling (by phone)

Meeting notes[edit]

Intro to EPM (RobLa)

Questions about branches (WMF4 vs. vanilla)
  • Branch points
  • They are branched off the same point on trunk, but they have different patches backported to them. They are roughly the same. No hard dependencies one way or the other...we port bug severe bug fixes to everybody, but some customizations are just for WMF
Remaining show stoppers for the release
  • r64958 dependency: backport getWatchList() - TimS thinks this isn't a showstopper. Marked for this version, but needs to be re-written and he's not waiting for it.
  • One other fix in the pipeline
Schedule for release
  • We've had betas against this release for a long time, although there have been backports.
  • No RC, but some automated testing. Should be available by next Monday.
  • Release checklist
Tech Blog
  • Acknowledge that this one has taken awhile
  • Set expectation that we plan to release a stable version "every 6 months",
Next Release - 1.17
  • Generally don't code freeze, because it demotivates volunteers so rather we branch and backport fixes
  • Seek to branch Oct 15th
  • Feature complete by 1st Beta - Nov 1st.
  • New Installer - Chad / Mark (CLI)
  • Script Loader - Roan / Trevor
  • OWA or PiWiki integration - Peter
  • FlaggedRevs optimizations if any