October 9 Tech Talk
What MediaWiki Upgrades and Extension Dependencies – Ideas for Improvement
How Online
When Friday, December 13, 2013, 19:00 UTC, 1 h
Food Enjoy your own.

Upgrading MediaWiki is easy, upgrading a MediaWiki site using extensions is not. Versioning extensions and aligning them with MediaWiki versions is not done consistently. And how would you know which extension version works for your slightly older MediaWiki, e.g. because you are using a LTS version? The talk explores the various possiblities of remedy for this issue. It'll cover:

  • the current situation
  • the question of how we version extensions
  • the question of how we manage dependencies
  • an idea of using our users' power to know what's working
  • of course, a discussion

Technically, we'll touch issues of LTS versions, git tagging and branching, Composer support, WikiApiary, usage statistics and crowd certification.