What MediaWiki 1.22 Release Plan
How Online
When Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 19:00 UTC, 1 h
Food Enjoy your own.

Are you curious about the upcoming release of MediaWiki? Do you want to get involved? This is your chance! In the meeting, we are going to talk about the release plan for MediaWiki 1.22. Topics will be:

  • Most prominent changes in MediaWiki 1.22
  • Initial anti-spam measures
    • Bundling Extensions: SimpleAntiSpam, AntiSpoof, AbuseFilter
    • Configuration
  • Release process and timeline
  • Release automation
    • From git to Jenkins
    • Tarball generation
    • Last checks
    • Automated release
  • What's coming next?
    • opt-in wiki registration (RFC)
    • More Scribunto testing on different platforms?
    • Templates and/or help system installed at installation time?

For more details see MediaWiki 1.22 and Project:Release management/Release timeline.