Meetings/2012-10-18/IRC log

<ottomata> we're watching on youtube, works great!
<Eloquence> MaxSem, done
* awjr raises hand
* milimetric raises hand
<jeremyb> what are we showing hands about?
<jeremyb> i just got back on
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<siebrand> awjr: Can anyone just be in the main hangout or did one need a reservation for that? :)
<awjr> siebrand: i dont know, erik sent me a link
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<jeremyb> is that robla's head?
<Eloquence> siebrand, you need an invite unfortunately - hangout-on-air and public hangouts can't be combined
<Eloquence> sent you an invite
<siebrand> Eloquence: awjr gave me a URL; I'll see if it can be hijacked ;0
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<robla> robla's head says "hi"
<siebrand> Can anyone see how many people are live viewing?
<Eloquence> all recent joiners - please see topic for youtube url
<siebrand> - stream:
<jeremyb> hrmmm, i detect no packet loss (and this irssi ssh is still working) but video died....
<siebrand> Click it, tweet it.
<siebrand> Eloquence: Please instruct people to speak in the mic clear. Sumana is fading in and out
<siebrand> clearly, even
* jeremyb reloads page
<jeremyb> ok, back
<Eloquence> ok
<siebrand> Eloquence: Looks like the URL awjr got, will allow me to join, too.
<Eloquence> ah, cool
<Eloquence> can you share it here
<siebrand> it's max 10.
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<siebrand> The camera position is sub-optional in SF :)
<awjr> i've got to run to another meeting - thanks for this everyone!
<Eloquence> thanks awjr :)
<jeremyb> Eloquence: can we change which view is the bigger picture?
<jeremyb> h, done
<jeremyb> oh, done*
<awjr> jeremyb: click on the one you want to see
<jeremyb> awjr: i'm a youtuber
<awjr> oh that i dont know about
<jeremyb> this is spage now?
<gwicke> spage, then sumana
<ori-l> siebrand, you *are* a php storm
<zeljkof> jeremyb: I think hangout automatically picks the window
<ori-l> your gerrit commit log would beg to differ :P
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<jeremyb> zeljkof: right, i was considering that might be. i was saying it was currently showing the wrong person. ;)
<jeremyb> wasn't sure how it works
<zeljkof> jeremyb: I think it needs a second or two to figure out that somebody is talking, then it changes the window
<zeljkof> but for example now, it did not pick up that another window is active :)
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<ori-l> ^ could potentially solve gwicke's problem
<jeremyb> just set up CI for what?
<lwelling> Does somebody provide prebuilt vagrant images?  I always dev in VMs, so I'd happily start from somebody else's vagrant image, but I have a very plain install in a VM at the moment
<ori-l> lwelling:
<gwicke> jeremyb: parsoid
<lwelling> thanks
<jeremyb> ahh
<gwicke> jeremyb: we'll also talk about that tonight at the meetup ;)
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<ori-l> er, correction -- that link points to my fork. you're better off using
<jeremyb> gwicke: in NYC, right? ;)
<gwicke> jeremyb: apparently the talks will be recorded & available online
<gwicke> so delivery to NYC should be possible
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<jeremyb> gwicke: yay
* spagewmfx hates Pidgin
<jeremyb> spagewmfx: irssi?
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<subbu> spagewmf, xchat?
<spagewmf> thx for the pointers
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<subbu> who is talking?
<siebrand> Eloquence: Pretty awesome. Camera could be positioned better in SF, but I love the fact that we had 3 people that were not in SF speak in this public meeting.
<jeremyb> Eloquence aka erik
<jeremyb> subbu: ^
<subbu> ah, thanks :)
<spagewmf> I want to pair program with a master, maybe we could do screen sharing with someone showing their dev approach
<zeljkof> no
<zeljkof> no feedback
<jeremyb> zeljkof: ?
<zeljkof> sorry, I was replying to "do you hear feedback?" from youtube
<jeremyb> didn't hear that
<spagewmf> feedback comments good, feedback howl bad ;-)
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<siebrand> sound effects rock when used moderately ;)
<YairRand> quite
<spagewmf> and its talk page, good for configuring a labs instance.
<jeremyb> wtf, did someone break youtube?
<jeremyb> now everything is a 500 ISE for me
<jeremyb> huh, maybe fixed... checking
<spagewmf> I think the vagrant stuff goes well with which has a section on #Mediawiki software appliances