Meeting Notes/2016-02-01 Core Fraction

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Last Week's Next Steps[edit]

  1. proceed with socialization meeting (
    1. At that meeting, we agreed to start sending emails to people today to modify the talk page (to vet the definition and come up with examples; expand discussion of existing questions)
    2. We also postponed emailing until Feb 3 due to conflict with Strategy deliverable
    3. Since that meeting, many people have provided 1-1 feedback since the socialization meeting: concerns about the data being used for layoffs
      1. David: task calls for consensus; people aren't participating in the talk page due to concerns about how the data may be used [which blocks consensus, which blocks this task]
      2. How broad is this concern?  At least four teams have said something to a TPGer.
      3. Is it one person per team, or whole teams?
      4. Concern is real, not clear how many people feel that way.  Some people may not have that concern but may still not be participating in favor of waiting until this request goes away.
      5. Who's moderating the talk page?  Kevin.
      6. Is concern mentioned in the talk page?  David: no, people are expressing that concern indirectly and not participating in the formal process.
      7. What is our definition of consensus?
        1. How many people, and what threshold of objection?
          1. Engineering managers, product manager, product vertical heads.  maybe only need consensus from this group because they are the people directly affected by this issue.
        2. Why is consensus in our milestone?  We think that it's necessary for any of the following Milestones (adopting the definition, using it, tracking based on it) to succeed.
    4. Should we post anything about this definition on the talk page, as a straw wolf?  No, let it emerge.
  2. clean up Phab/Wiki pages for tracking this project
    1. Did not discuss today

Review the Milestones[edit]

n/a this week - focusing and blocked on consensus issue.

New Stuff[edit]

Let's prepare the Feb 3 email this week.  Are we sending the email on Thu or Fri?  No, wait until next week.

Who's emailing whom?

  • all engineering or just the lead group defined above?
  • all teams or just some teams?
  • TPGers to their own teams, or one person?
  • write the email this week
  • email should be really short, less than full paragraphs.  Three bullets and a call to action.
  • "Now that your team has finished the Core portion of its strategy, please join in the discussion about defining Core vs Strategic"
  • If you have concerns you don't want to share on the Talk page, TPGers can anonymize questions on talk.  We can also bring someone in to a Standup or other meeting to address questions.

Next Steps[edit]

  1. Joel to do first draft of email and update via email
  2. Kevin to consider posting 1-2 more questions on talk page to keep discussion moving