Meeting Notes/2016-01-27 Core Fraction

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Figure out how to get people to agree on definition

Figure out how to get people to agree to track.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Strine: Premise: some teams are resistant to new process; how are we addressing that?

Kevin: two phases: 1.) Agree on definition, 2.) implement tracking

Kristen: Yes, two phases, maybe we should look at the whole picture and brainstorm. I think reactions to both phases may be similar.

What is the requirement we are helping people meet?[edit]

  1. Agree to Core Fraction definition to use in Annual Planning deliverables Jan-Arp 2016
    1. rebuttal: Strine, Kristen: don't need that as part of this, that's separate.
  2. Meet TPG goal of at least 1 team tracking before the end of March
    1. Kristen: this
    2. Joel: more teams in Q4?
  3. start measuring Core Fraction in relation to Annual Plan, starting in FY2017Q1.
    1. Joel: What exactly will that look like? How many teams, and what exactly will they be measuring?
      1. What level of tracking do we need for next FY?
        1. Wes: Not clear yet; will evolve. 
      2. Are we tracking %
        1. Wes: % exercise to understand where things align.  Then, how do we work forward to optimize the core work and plan new work.
      3. Are we asking teams to track their work relative to the annual plans that they provided, or are we asking them to track Core vs Strategic percentage independently from the projects they committed to in their annual plans?
        1. Kevin: Independent is probably a decent starting point

What is the scope of work?[edit]

Agree on definition:

  • Who do we need to loop in?
    • Wes' Stakeholders: C-level and Lila  
      • Get them to participate in the wiki discussion
    • PMs
    • Enginering leads per team
    • Department heads
    • Vertical heads
    • Non-engineering team leads/PMs? (Yes, for the definition piece, not for tracking)
      • Wes: better to focus on engineering first.  other parts of org not used to tracking their work
    • How to loop them in? 
      • We already have a wiki page with some discussion
      • Annual planning will have teams doing core/strategic split, so we will learn from that
      • Don't go and talk to people now, they are all focused on producing stuff for Annual Planning
      • actual contacting will be Post Feb 3rd (after that phase of the annual plan is done)

Next Steps[edit]

  1. TPGers to continue email conversation about who (in TPG) would contact whom (in stakeholders) to talk about definition (and direct people to keep talking on wiki page) 
  2. Joel to email updated notes as reminder to start the TPG email conversation
  3. David to make reminder to add more aggressive followup back to Core Fraction weekly meeting agenda post-Feb 3