Meeting Notes/2016-01-25 Core Fraction

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Present: Wes, TPG - Arthur & Max.

Old business[edit]

Next steps from last time:

  1. Joel to write up status of core / etc discussion from today (+ notes from today) DONE
  2. TPG+Wes to review write-up DONE
  3. Joel to send email DONE
  4. TPG+Wes to have "socialization" meeting to plan meetings with [affected] people [e.g. directors] 1-1 as needed to get buy-in or objections
    1. Grace: who are "people"? Kevin: people directly affected by core fraction decisions
    2. David: there are people who may dissagree and people who are not responding
    3. Grace: Who are these people? ^
      1. David: will identify at already-scheduled meeting Weds Jan 27

New business[edit]

Check quarterly goal and milestones and identify new Epics/Tasks. The scope of work for this project is currently defined in three different places


These three different definitions don't exactly match. Joel/Kevin to clean up, including removing the temporary detailed work breakdown in the mediawiki page once its contents are covered in the Phab tickets.


  1. A documented and agreed upon definition of ‘core work’ exists
    1. In progress (see Old Business). Socialization meeting this week will move this forward.
  2. Product-facing teams have agreed upon method for tracking core/strategic work
    1. What exactly is the amount of tracking we are doing this quarter?
      1. see next goal - 1 week of testing this quarter (Q3)
    2. No further work needed on this goal this week
  3. Audience-facing product teams able to produce evidence-based data about the proportion of time spent on core vs. non-core work
    1. When is anyone going to actually want to see tracking data?
    2. Execs might want actual data from teams covering work starting July 1 2016, which they would report in October. So we would want to do pilots earlier (e.g. Apr-Jun). (and of course our goal calls for the first pilot by the end of March 2016)
      1. We should plan larger, deeper tests with more teams in Q4 to support that.
    3. No further work needed on this goal this week.

Next Steps This Week[edit]

  1. proceed with socialization meeting
  2. clean up Phab/Wiki pages for tracking this project