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MediaWiki 1.17/roadmap

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2011-01-06: We're currently getting through the list of code reviews, and dividing that list up among team members.


Here's the development timeline:

  • Branch for 1.17 (done)
  • Code Review
  • Prune extensions in 1.17 branch to 1.17 WMF relevant extensions
  • Backport all 1.17 tagged revisions
    • Quite a few revs for CR post 1.17 branch need porting to deployment (query fixes, and allowances of other stuff). They include an index update, but mainly code file updates...
  • Work with ops on deployment checklist (see 1.17 deployment plan)
  • Test on prototype.wikimedia.org
  • Deploy on Wikimedia Foundation cluster (hopefully sometime in January)
  • Test installers, make sure that tarball functions well.
  • Release tarball (some time after that)

Release manager[edit]

Tim is the Release Manager and in this role has been responsible for merging bug fixes into the release branch. It is proposed that the "dirty work" such as merging in revisions is done by others, namely Roan, Hashar, Chad, and anyone else that feels up to it. RobLa-WMF will be doing any miscellaneous non-code wrangling that needs to occur.

Major / critical bugs[edit]

  • bug 26130 - Output is double-compressed if compression enabled prior to script start (Roan)
  • bug 26131 - Extension style-sheets are loaded after user style-sheets (patched by Trevor in r77693, pending review)
  • Monobook broken in IE6 with RL (fixme on r74996). Would like Trevor to take this (this should also be reported as a bug)
  • bug 25969 - Installation/ Upgrade impossible when database name contains hyphen (Chad?)
  • Need to confirm this, but yes, needs to be fixed if it's broken since that'd be a regression. -- Chad

We should probably review the RELEASE-NOTES file and split it in small sections. (of related changes? Should also check it for obsolete stuff that got taken out, I guess). We could have a section with critical bugs.

Not important IMO, we've been structuring R-L the same way since forever (config changes / enhancements / bug fixes / api changes). 1.17 isn't any bigger a release than 1.16 was. -- Chad

Niceties / possibly important in real deployment[edit]

  • bug 25640 - Port remaining skins to ResourceLoader (Trevor or anyone interested)
    • Would not be a big problem if deferred to 1.18 I think -- Bryan
    • As long as they're verified not to break, it should be fine
      • I think some skins are currently broken, definitely needs checking! -- Chad
    • bug 22649 - classic/standard looks wrong. Sidebar is too far down. Same for cologneblue. myskin too, but on 1.16wmf4 it does that...
  • bug 25124 - Resource loader doesn't respect $wgStyleDirectory (Trevor or anyone interested)
    • Not relevant to WMF deployment at least, we don't use $wgStyleDirectory there. (Should probably be fixed before release though) [interesting!]

Other issues / things to do[edit]

  • Gadgets? - there's a new version of the gadgets extension which uses ResourceLoader, this needs testing - what's the status of this?
  • Need to set up a prototype for testing 1.17, including popular gadgets and stuff (Roan)
    • Would be nice to get CR stats for all WMF code (including WMF-enabled extensions) rather than either repo-wide or just phase3
    • Need a proper list of which extensions are in use (how up-to-date is make-wmf-branch/default.conf ?)
    • ls /branches/wmf/1.16wmf4/extensions