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The IRC channels on are real-time text chat channels for technical questions. IRC channels are one of the Wikimedia communication channels.

If you're not sure what channel to use, or where to ask a question, ask at #mediawiki. If you're in the wrong place, someone will direct you to the best place to ask your question.

It's okay to "lurk" (hang around and listen without talking), and sometimes you won't get an answer immediately. This explanation tells you a little more about how to use IRC channels to talk about open source.

  1. Check that this is the best method of communication for your particular problem.
  1. Make sure you are familiar with IRC etiquette.
  1. Don't ask if you can ask a question - just ask it!


The #mediawiki IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel (on is the best form of real-time communication for discussion of or questions about the MediaWiki software. You will often find developers or other knowledgeable users who will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

#mediawiki anslut
#mediawiki-it anslut - italienska
#mediawiki-es anslut - spanska

Before using #mediawiki for help:

  1. Make sure you have read the FAQ and have looked at Project:Hjälp .
  1. Search, Meta-Wiki and an Internet search engine for a solution to your problem.


This channel contains updates about bugs and code commits. Sometimes developers discuss feature development in this channel, although often they use other channels such as #mediawiki due to the amount of bot activity in this channel.

Updates from many of the repositories are posted (and sometimes discussed) here, thanks to the "wikibugs" bot.

#wikimedia-dev anslut


This channel is often used for public meetings. This includes both technical meetings and non-technical meetings. Usually, technical meetings will be announced beforehand on wikitech-l mailing list.

#wikimedia-office anslut


This channel is primarily meant for getting technical help on Wikimedia projects, such as with templates or gadgets. The participants might also answer technical questions about MediaWiki in general.

#wikimedia-tech anslut

Other channels

See IRC/Channels on Meta-Wiki for other channels used by the community and developers.

Don't worry too much about choosing the right channel. If you're not sure, just use #mediawiki.

Connecting to IRC

In order to connect to an IRC channel, you need to have an installed IRC client or to use a Web connection to IRC. If you already have an IRC client installed, and your browser is correctly set up, then clicking the direct links previously mentioned should automatically take you straight to the appropriate channel. If you need help finding, installing or configuring an IRC client, then here are some links that may help: