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The #mediawiki IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel (on freenode.net) is the best form of real-time communication for discussion of or questions about the MediaWiki software. You will often find developers or other knowledgeable users who will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have. You can use this link to connect to the channel from your browser.

It's okay to "lurk" (hang around and listen without talking), and sometimes you won't get an answer immediately. This explanation tells you a little more about how to use IRC channels to talk about open source.


Antes de uso[edit]

Antes de usar #mediawiki para ajuda técnica:

  1. Procurar por MediaWiki.org, Meta-Wiki e Google para a solução de seu problema.
  2. Tenha certeza que você é familar com etiqueta no IRC
  3. Não pergunte se você pode perguntar algo - simplesmente pergunte!




This channel is used by developers for day-to-day work. It's very similar in scope to #mediawiki, with the main difference being that it's typically where developers go to talk discuss about changes in the MediaWiki software (and Wikimedia repositories), whereas #mediawiki is more targeted at the users of the software.

Outros canais[edit]

See IRC/Channels on Meta-Wiki for other channels used by the community and developers.

Conectando-se ao IRC[edit]

In order to connect to an IRC channel, you need to have an installed IRC client or to use a Web connection to IRC. If you already have an IRC client installed, and your browser is correctly set up, then clicking the direct links previously mentioned should automatically take you straight to the appropriate channel. If you need help finding, installing or configuring an IRC client, then here are some links that may help: