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Creating MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Tasks/Feature wishlist/Gabriel Lee

The following list includes feature requests or pain points new features could address. (February 2014, MediaWiki-I mailing list)

> Extension/Feature for MediaWiki users to see all pages viewed by day

> Formatting issues when remote server supplier migrated MediaWiki site

> Issues customizing subskins

> Feature to set local timezone as default

> Issues with analyzing turn around times of a wiki request

> Wiki adds string to the end of page when saving

> MediaWiki does not authenticate against Windows PDC

> Issues with pulling email from AD

> Feature to modify MediaWiki so that it sends an HTTP 301 or 302 redirect to the target page when #REDIRECT is done

> The creation of a page on WikiApiary reporting the wikis whose parameters recently got unhealthy, then offer an audit and improvement of an antispam setup

> Math in several Wiki pages has not been formatted correctly, such as the "Selberg integral" page

> Styled page appears without styling for a few seconds before the rest of the page loads

> Beginner to WikiMedia facing problems with contributing to a page

> Issues with increasing the upload limit on MediaWiki server

> Issues with syntax highlighting for MediaWiki code

The following list includes feature requests or pain points new features could address. (February 2014, Project: Support Desk)

> Issues with adding a template to server side HTML and controlling it with a parser function

> Issues with extension UserAdmin

> User is unable to find a local instance of 1.20 Wiki

> 1.22 MediaWiki is buggy (an update has been released by Markus which addresses most bugs)

> Issues with formatting search results and adding section links

> Feature for automatic article summary on main page

> Issues with upgrading 1.16 Wiki to 1.19 Wiki

> Wiki adds string to the end of page when saving (This pain point has been asked also in MediaWiki-I mailing list)

> Issues with using an extension to block profanities

> Issues with creating API account

> Outdated Wikipedia wiki editor appears when using desktop view on a mobile

> Issues with moving categories' page description to an empty database

> Internal server error using ImageMagick .SVG files

> Issues with changing font size on category page

> Issues with removing text from Special Login Page

> Issues understanding purpose of $wgUploadBaseUrl

> Issues opening Seagate Technology Page

> Issues with enabling Wikidata extension

> Issues with sorting Tibetan content in Category page

> Issues with setting the site language using command line installer

> Vector skin not loading after 1.22 Update

> Issues with resizing image thumbnails on synology diskstation

Many other pain points have been pointed out in MediaWiki-I mailing list and Project: Support Desk, but they have been adequately answered by community members. Pain points featured in the lists above may be glaring errors or have not been adequately answered.