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Alaete, please add your work here.

Feature Pain Point Similar to current list? (Yes/No) Number Link Feedback
Get a preview of an uploaded PDF Unable to get a preview of an uploaded PDF on MWI 1.23.2 (PdfHandler Extension) No 1 1
Localize MWI-generated content on local language wikis automatically, while preserving content and globally rewriting URLs to point to the right articles in the language Local language sections are not fully localized; there is content in other languages No 1 2
Generate PDF book without list of references Generated PDF book has long lists of useless references and sources No 1 3
Restrict users from uploading files without choosing a license Users are able to upload files using the special:upload page when no license has been selected Yes 1 4
Approve edits before publishing - No 1 5
Text of one font and language aligned to the left, text of the other font and language aligned to the right - No 1 6
Hide system namespace from user in window insert link (Bluespice) - No 1 7
Display difference if the page is new DifferenceEngine no longer displays nothing on the left, and new text on the right when the page is new No 1 8
Edit and save each article that exists in the wiki, sorting them under their categories as needed Sorting in category pages is broken No 1 9
Preemptively create user accounts that will automatically be in particular user group(s) Permission is required before login and addition to user group No 1 10
Offline editing of MWI site, and simply syncing changes when back online Unable to edit content while offline during long trips No 2 11
Block access to particular files Any user can simply get any file by typing or accessing the file by using [[File:]], and upload/access documents uploading by another user for another user Yes 1 12
Get the word/character count of article added by a user - No 1 13
Make a template that allows the insertion of image sliders - No 1 14
Search with a text box that displays an image at the end of the textbox to be implemented into the standard search with Go and Search buttons - No 1 15
Search within attached documents and within Wiki page - No 1 16
Link Active Directory groups to MWI Can't assign any users to a AD group No 1 17
Skills-you-need box and thesaurus to be at the top of each extension with links to guides or at least clear description of the skills so that it is easy to Google to find a guide Finding extension installations instructions difficult to follow because they require certain skills not clearly defined in the instructions No 1 18
Selectively marking pages as private - Yes 1 19
Integration of MWI with ACS/ADFS Different network for credentials; would like to log in to NWI using that network's credentials No 1 20
Effective solution to stop persistent manual vandalism CAPTCHAs or $wgRateLimits/abuse filter only slows manual vandalism down and are ineffective Yes 1 21
Granting access for single users (LDAP and Ad) - No 1 22
Hide links to restricted pages - Yes 1 23
Find out if current page is in a special category - No 1 24
Print as displayed on wiki page Fonts change No 1 25