MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Tasks/Feature wishlist/Aaron B


Thank you Aaron B!

Feature Pain Point Similar to current list? (Yes/No?) Number Link
Way to track how long a user stays on a particular page. No 1
Way to randomize what data appears and when it appears. Ex: Only display one of three companies but change which one appears every time the page is refreshed, or have a list of three companies, but the order changes every time the page is refreshed. No 1
Easy way to remove categories, such as "Pages with broken links" No 1
Commenting system on each page of a wiki that 1.) allows users to post anonymously and 2.) allows a moderator to remove inappropriate posts. No 1
Easy way to whitelist one specific IP and block all others No 1
A way to create custom buttons for the sidebar in the new WikiEditor No 1
A way to hide specific paragraphs within a page if the user does not have the proper permissions. No 1
A way to automatically display new articles/ the summary of new articles appear on the main page of a wiki No 1

Way to see highlighted, color-coded syntax for the WikiMedia code when you click edit.

No 1