MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Tasks/Feature wishlist/2019 assessment


During EMWCon Spring 2019, desired features for MediaWiki were discussed in a panel discussion and in a create camp group.

Prior work[edit]

Review 2015 stakeholders wishlist[edit]

  • Easier installation, extension management and a better upgrade process are being addressed by Meza, but there is still work ahead. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to that project.
  • Editing and VisualEditor - Installation issues will be solved by the Parsoid port (ongoing since 2015, planned to take another ~2 years). Not much we can do to hasten that.
  • Skinning and UI - RfC ongoing right now: T217158

Group thoughts[edit]

This is a brief list of features discussed as being important for enterprise use cases:

  • Fine-grained access control
  • Packaged ontologies to bootstrap new wikis
  • Improvements in output formats like PDF
  • Better search
  • Personal file management (like dropbox)
  • Being able to check out a file like in Sharepoint
  • Continued improvement of VE

Actionable steps[edit]

  1. Expand the use of the "Maintained by mwstake" banner
    • Have companies put their logo next to the extension banner for "who uses this"
    • How do we audit the use of the banner (make sure it is used appropriately, what are the rules/steps for an extension to get the banner)?
    • Can we create a "curated" list of extensions that are useful for enterprise users (start with Meza?)
    • Can we hook into Wikiapiary or MediaWiki Pingback to grab info about who uses what extensions?
  2. Make templates similar to Template:OnWikimedia for major enterprise MediaWiki users (preferably including whom to contact to ask about usage of that extension at that org) to build trust in widely used extensions
  3. Track progression of T200375: Implement Pingback v2
  4. Verify WikiApiary pulls new version of data from Pingback to provide metrics on extension usage