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Sharpen new focus

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Time and Place[edit]

13 February, 2015 at 3 PM UTC

Dial in
  • Chris
  • Cindy
  • Alexis
  • Mark
  • Richard
  • Markus
  • Gabor

See also Google event page: Attendees


  1. Welcome
  2. Synthesis of developer summit
    1. Improving extension management
  3. MWSG's role in MediaWiki development
  4. Focus areas: Communication, Monitoring
  5. Reporting
  6. Project in Phabricator (see task T88965)
  7. Extension Management and requirements (see task T534#1015786)
    1. extension.json (also see Who moved my cheese?)
    2. merge extension.json with package.json
  8. Other
  9. Closing

Future Meeting Dates[edit]

Regular meetings will be held on every first Friday of the month.

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Meeting Dates
2016-05-06 (Friday)
2016-06-03 (Friday)
2016-07-01 (Friday)
2016-08-05 (Friday)
2016-09-02 (Friday)
2016-09-28 (during SMWCon Fall 2016 in Frankfurt)
2016-10-07 (Friday)
2016-11-04 (Friday)
2016-12-02 (Friday)

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Synthesis of developer summit[edit]

  • Take-away: lack of leadership when it comes to MW as a product. Issues are leadership and who wants to be lead
  • Product conversation with Daemon, in which there is a commitment to work with 3rd parties. Was reassuring for 3rd party community.
  • There are a lot of lone wolf developers, and no real decision making (Less Strategy, more like Guessology). Scary for 3rd party community
  • Opportunity for BlueSpice or some other distribution... create open community
  • Advocating 3rd party needs can be fruitful
  • Lack of presence of SMW at the summit
  • Future events?
    • Trips/events
    • Professional recordings of sessions in St. Louis

MWSG's role in MediaWiki development[edit]

  • How can group work to provide leadership for 3rd party community?
    • WMF people said leadership is needed and we(?) could take on the role
    • However: This is full-time work: How much do we want to do?
    • We should, at least, make our interests known
    • Take on leadership through advocacy, education, and being a resource for the community (see Focus areas: Communication, Monitoring below)
  • How can group mitigate lone wolf developer culture/attitude/environment and advocate for 3rd party
    • Can we coordinate efforts? As there is no planning, there is a high risk of duplicate efforts.
    • We come together monthly to share news, current status, concerns, etc., and then synthesize message for community (see Focus areas: Communication, Monitoring below)
  • Define our own standards for the next few years, or planning - maybe Stakeholders can find commitments
    • This is where we go to rely on (standards) for the next few years and if Foundation makes changes we will use our standard to rely on as guidance
  • MediaWiki environment for 3rd party is not secure now and security is important

Extension Management and requirements[edit]

Focus areas: Communication, Monitoring[edit]

  • Blog? Show what stakeholders are doing
    • ACTION: Mark will write blog for this meeting
  • Referring to the summit: use [mwstake] on twitter or mailing lists.
  • Blog synthesizes our thinking (mwstake)?
  • Twitter to raise attention
  • Use a committee for communication?
  • ACTION: Set up a SMW (Cindy). Proposed timeframe 1 week
  • Connect people like gamepedia, other big 3rd party users. How?
    • Have a one pager about what we do