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Time and Place[edit]

5 December, 2014 at 3 PM UTC

Dial in
Attendees (for real)


  1. Welcome - Markus
  2. MediaWiki Stakeholders Group Recognized!
  3. Release 1.24.0
  4. Upcoming release: Want anything special for that release?
  5. Bug reports and users' experiences - Mark
  6. RFC process
    1. How many people use composer as a basis?
    2. Extension management
    3. Opt-in "Registration" for update notification.
  7. State of projects
    1. Feature wishlist (Google Code-in students may work on this, too.)
    2. Roadmap
    3. Publicizing 1.24
  8. Future conferences for a track
    1. Wikimania 2015
      1. Mexico City, July 15-19
      2. Location and accommodation information are available at:
    2. European Hackathon 2015
      1. Lyon, France, May 23-25
      2. Location and accommodation information are available at:
    3. US Hackathon Developer Summit 2015 (invitation only)
      1. San Francisco, California, USA, January 26 -27
      2. To register:
    4. SMWCon Spring 2015, TBD
    5. SMWCon Fall 2015, TBD
  9. Other
  10. Closing - Mark

Future Meeting Dates[edit]

Regular meetings will be held on every first Friday of the month.

User Group
Meeting Dates
2016-05-06 (Friday)
2016-06-03 (Friday)
2016-07-01 (Friday)
2016-08-05 (Friday)
2016-09-02 (Friday)
2016-09-28 (during SMWCon Fall 2016 in Frankfurt)
2016-10-07 (Friday)
2016-11-04 (Friday)
2016-12-02 (Friday)

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  • Markus
  • Alexis (etherpad)
  • Mark
  • Cindy
  • Karsten
  • Natasha
  • Chris
  • Michael

MediaWiki Stakeholders Group Recognized![edit]

  • Markus shows status
  • Yay! Thank you all for your involvement

Release 1.24.0[edit]

  • Markus points out that this is the place to raise concerns regarding any problems
  • Meetings are tied to releases
  • What can we do better?
  • Any findings? Plans?
  • Cindy: there are plans for an update. Were several point releases behind. Commited to keep up with the point releases.
  • Mark: once there's an official release, early adopter stuff is taken care of
  • Karsten: Not updated yet. Usually uses the latest legacy. Running on 1.23.7. Users have custom skins. They want to run on LTS version. Tests on a test instance before, manually. Release scheme is a good thing.
  • Natasha: did upgrade. Has a list of things to do. Depends on Edlira. Is confused by Composer. Some extensions break.
  • Chris: running wmf-branch in production. No special issues found. Needed modern builds that work with mobile frontend and such, MultiMediaViewer, visualEditor

Upcoming release: Want anything special for that release?[edit]

Bug reports and users' experiences[edit]

  • Mark watched reports about people having trouble with upgrading

Report on MW users meeting in Houston[edit]

  • People seemed to like MW more than SP (SharePoint Wiki)
  • Presentation my NASA and an
  • SP is pushing against MW. It would be good to come up with pros and cons
  • There's some experience with 2003 SP
  • Chris: can work on a comparison
  • Cindy: Strength is fine graned access control
  • Markus: SP is ok for small collaboration, but MW is much better for larger.

RFC process[edit]

  • We take part in the RfC discussion to bring te stakeholders' view into the discussion

How many people use composer as a basis?[edit]

  • Cindy: selective enabling / disabling of a feature on a wiki farm (not supported)
  • Karsten +1
  • Composer works with homogenous wikis, but not otherwise.
  • Makes upgrading fast, but can be problematic if one extension isn't upgraded. if the dependency wasnt updated properly
  • Mark: we need a GUI

Extension management[edit]

  • What are the requirements?
  • Come up with requirements -- Markus will be asking for feedback on mailing list.
  • Mark will talk to Quim and Rachel about Cindy going to SF

Opt-in "Registration" for update notification.[edit]

  • There will be a special page: CheckMyVersion

State of projects[edit]

Feature wishlist[edit]

  • Google Code-in students are helping by looking over mailing list.
  • Alexis: currently one student has claimed the task of looking over the month of September 2014


  • RFCs substitute for roadmap right now.

Publicizing for MediaWiki[edit]

Future conferences for a track[edit]

  • Wikimania 2015
  • Mexico City, July 15-19
  • European Hackathon 2015
    • Lyon, France, May 23-25
  • US Hackathon Developer Summit 2015 (invitation only)
    • San Francisco, California, USA, January 26 -27
  • SMWCon Spring 2015, TBD
  • SMWCon Fall 2015, TBD
  • We need to find ways of funding travel to these conferences
  • Could be a test case for our own funding
  • Funding raised for track could be used to support travel.