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Time and Place[edit]

7 November, 2014 at 3 PM UTC

Dial in
Attendees (for real)


  1. Welcome - Mark
  2. State of projects
    1. Feature wishlist - Richard
    2. Roadmap
    3. Publicizing 1.24 - Cindy
  3. Lightweight environmental scan and outcomes - Alexis
    1. "Who are customers of MediaWiki?"
    2. List of top feature requests
    3. List of top bug fixes
  4. Decision on name of user group
    1. Former names: Wiki Co-op, MediaWiki Cooperation
    2. Member-suggested names: MediaWiki Collaborators, Group that Wishes to Not be Named, MediaWiki Users Group, Stakeholder Cooperation, MediaWiki Stakeholder Cooperation, MediaWiki Stakeholders, MediaWiki Fans, MediaWiki Devotees
    3. Affcom-suggested: MediaWiki Cooperation User Group
    4. Decision?
  5. Future Meetings
    1. Coordinate with releases (see Proposed Future Meeting Dates below)
    2. Hangout options for more than 10 attendees
  6. Future conferences
    1. Wikimania 2015 (July 15-19), Mexico City
    2. European Hackathon in France TBD
    3. US Hackathon Developer Summit (invitation only)
    4. SMWCon Spring 2015, TBD
    5. SMWCon Fall 2015, TBD
  7. Other
  8. Closing - Mark

Future Meeting Dates[edit]

Regular meetings will be held on every first Friday of the month.

User Group
Meeting Dates
2016-05-06 (Friday)
2016-06-03 (Friday)
2016-07-01 (Friday)
2016-08-05 (Friday)
2016-09-02 (Friday)
2016-09-28 (during SMWCon Fall 2016 in Frankfurt)
2016-10-07 (Friday)
2016-11-04 (Friday)
2016-12-02 (Friday)

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  • Karsten
  • Mark
  • Natasha
  • Alexis
  • Cindy
  • Matt
  • Darren S (not in hangout)
  • Jean-Baptiste
  • Richard
  • Siebrand


  • Mark: Welcome
  • Jean-Baptise: French MW, invited one week ago, here as a tourist, how I can help, have small active wikis
  • Matt (in shared room and can't talk)
  • Mark: Welcome Karsten

State of Projects[edit]

Feature Wishlist[edit]

  • Richard:asked more MW users to add points, not sure if list is complete,
one guy said don't need templates
some people need basic framework as a first step
if need more there probably will be extension suites / distributions for different use cases?
What is next step? Need discussion: Who are the people we are working with?
Opinion of Siebrand (from last meeting) is great
Will make suggestion for next meeting but depends on discussion today
  • Mark: roadmap, next part which feature is necessary
  • Cindy: our experience is opposite, we don't start with blank slate of empty wiki
  • Richard: right, if you want to start...if you come from architecture, it would be helpful to have basic and then add modules like plugin, in future we will see certain additions like SM and enterprise and other setups
  • Cindy: one solution does not fit all, basic and lots of richness in extensions
  • Darren: True enough about one size does not fit all. One thing I might say is that Scribunto might be useful to appear there - an increasing number of templates are starting to use lua and so it might be useful there before we consider things like minimal template sets
  • Karsten: not clear to people that they can do more than editing,
  • Mark: synthesizing, MW is modular but not intuitive modular, you have to know what you want to do and have experience or hand-holding, hope to make it easier to users

Pubicizing 1.24[edit]

  • Darren: yes, though some care needed as it's possible to run up against some issues with hosting (if you're not hosting fully under your own control), like compat php versions etc.
  • Cindy: new item identify about common CSS no longer being loaded, new wrinkle to 1.24 may affect users, Mark any progress?
  • Mark: twitter handle to retweet, Quim is in charge of social stuff and we need to coordinate with him
  • Cindy: Tweet and tag and they retweet?
  • Mark: Yes. We may also have to go out of band and ask Quim to retweet, I will post a link to the workflow
  • Mark: made mistake by saying Java script was included in when it is not, only CSS, I will merger Kunal's patch today to fix that
  • Mark: Fix for CSS styling problem, Chris appreciates flag but won't stop it from going in

Environmental Scan[edit]

  • Alexis: environmental scan and outcomes, things the release team is working on, three outcomes listed on agenda
  • Mark: help gather information in installer to sign up for MW announcement mailing list, we want to set up web-based survey, will talk about this on mailinglist today, what do you all think? Link to survey in installer: positive or negative?
  • Richard: we have tried to get user feedback in our group
  • Siebrand: get questions right, if you change questions it is hard to assess questions over time (last year to this year), worth thinking for two or three months longer, important to ask right questions (vs asking too many questions), think about hypotheses you want answer, yes/no, be careful of open-ended questions, five point questions, use answers as numbers as scores, lots of very easy tricks
  • Mark: will ask for your help
  • Cindy: audience, installer will get new users installing, survey designed: who you target will color responses
  • Siebrand: special version, really think about what would happen if 1500 users jump on link
  • Richard: previous suggestion: ask people about rating extension and combine, ask "What do you have already", or "What is special"?

User Group Name for Affcom[edit]

  • Mark: would like to push for a decision
  • Decision: MediaWiki Stakeholders

Future Meetings[edit]

  • Future meetings would be more fruitful if they coordinated with future releases. (once a month)
  • Saturday meetings to allow those who cannot attend during business work hours to attend.
  • Cindy: inclusive good to have Saturday
  • Karsten: Saturday once a quarter
  • Alexis: starting first Saturday of next year since we have had many Friday meetings?
  • Jean-Baptiste: January 3rd may not be good
  • Agreed: January 10th as first Saturday of the first quarter of 2015. One Saturday every quarter.
  • Mark: hangout limit is 10
  • Sieband: googleapps allows 15, $40 a year for account, I can schedule them and use in my domain; can use read-only version or can find another means; does anyone have experience RTC?
  • Mark: will talk to Mozilla if could piggyback on their servers
  • Siebarnd: Mozilla use web RTC
  • Mark will contact Mozilla and find out
  • Jean-Baptise: Is there another MW group?

Future conferences[edit]

  • Which conference is best to have own track?
  • Cindy: Developer Summit invitiaton only?
  • Siebrand: yes, for core contributors,can get more information about US Hackathon Developer Summit, Hallo Welt! BlueSpice team contributes and should qualify, scholarship is closed but can still register
  • Mark: what is best chance for meeting at future conferences
  • Siebrand: European Hackathon in France is good opportunity
  • Cindy: I am looking to see where most people are going to be, France could be a good possibility
  • Mark: would France be good for JB and Karsten?
  • Jean-Baptiste: live in Paris so meeting in France should not be a problem, have wedding in June, don't worry about me
  • Karsten: Europe is much better shot
  • Mark: Matt, France would work for you?
  • Matt: highly doubtful
  • Mark: next meeting 11/5/2014, thank you and close
  • Close at 4:12PM UTC