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Stakeholders’ Call to Action - Developer Wishlist

Author: Chris Koerner

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Hello again. I have a few updates to share with you and I’d like to encourage your help in getting some attention on issues impacting MediaWiki developers.

First, have you heard of the Developer Wishlist? It’s an opportunity for MediaWiki developers to suggest ideas on what would most benefit developers in their experiences within the movement. Is it code review? Documentation? Process? Tools? Or something else all together?

So, we need your ideas! You can visit the Developer Wishlist page on for more information and to submit your ideas.

If you already know of existing Phabricator tasks that would be good candidates for the wishlist, please add the #devwish17 tag to those tasks. The deadline for submissions is 31 January! Voting will open in early February.

You can view existing submissions on Phabricator.

Second, please remember that EMWCon is coming up in a few months! Registration is open, we are seeking new presentation submissions, and travel & participation support is available.

Third, a reminder that Wikimania scholarships are open till 20 February, a little less than a month away! Wikimania is the largest annual event of Wikimania contributors. This year Wikimania is being held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in August.

Wikimania is a great opportunity to meet, share, and learn from the diverse members of the Wikimedia movement. I hope to see you there!