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2016 annual report is out

Author: Markus Glaser

People: Markus Glaser,
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Once a year, the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group issues a report on our activities. This report is part of our affiliate agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation. Highlights of this year's activities include:

  • Continuation and improvement of MediaWiki user experience. We are striving to keep user experience of MediaWiki as consistent and integrated as possible for self-installed MediaWiki instances (see output).
  • Exchange of experience among stakeholders, i.e. primarily people running MediaWiki as their platform. This was done in regular online and offline meetings as well as through our online platform at
  • WikiApiary. We took over maintenance of one major existing platform to gather usage statistics for MediaWiki instances and continued to support its editing community.
  • Incorporation. Though we are not incorporated yet, becoming a legal entity is vital to achieving our goals. We have made great steps by clarifying the place and form of incorporation.
  • Building a MediaWiki organisation. We explored the idea of creating a MediaWiki organisation and the path towards this goal.

You can read the full report on