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Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 Call for Participation

Author: Chris Koerner

People: Rachel Farrand, Quim Gil,
Tags: Event, Developers, Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco,

Rachel Farrand posted in the wikipedia-tech mailing list an announcement for an interesting upcoming event. In January (4-6) the Wikimedia Foundation is hosting the Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 in San Francisco, California.

"The Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 (#WikiDev16) is the main gathering of the Wikimedia technical community to push the evolution of the MediaWiki architecture and the Wikimedia Engineering goals for 2016. We welcome developers and other technical contributors of MediaWiki core, extensions, gadgets, templates, bots, Wikimedia apps and tools, and third party products relying on Wikimedia APIs."

There are some interesting topics being proposed. One of which is a talk titled "The end of hosting support?

If you're interested in attending you should register today. There is an active call for participation, so if you'd like to present do so soon! The deadline is October 2nd. Travel sponsorships are also available for those needing help attending.

Quim Gil brings particular attention to the "other" developers and encourages their attendance. This means you!

"We want to increase their participation bringing their own proposals and joining others' as stakeholders, and we want to meet with them during the event in San Francisco. We have a modest sponsorship travel budget for those registering before OCTOBER 2nd (deadline for presentation of new proposals)."

For more information, visit