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Upcoming In-Person Stakeholder Events

Author: Chris Koerner

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There are two upcoming events where MWStake members will have a chance to meet in person. First is the Spring SMWCon from May 6th to the 9th in St. Louis, MO, USA and the second is the Wikimedia Hackathon in Lyon, France.


SMWCon is the twice-annual conference about Semantic MediaWiki, a popular extension of MediaWiki used in various industries around the world. The Spring conference is usually held somewhere within the confidential US - this year St. Louis, MO. The Fall conference has been held across Europe in the past.

This year's three-day conference has a full program, with dedicated time on the third day for the stakeholder's group. We plan on spending some time introducing all attendees to the stakeholders group and discussing upcoming projects and work.

If you can't make it in person to SMWCon, we will have streaming video of all the sessions available at the URL below. For the stakeholder's meeting we'll setup a dedicated Google Hangout for members.

Lyon Hackathon[edit]

Later in May is the Wikimedia Hackathon in Lyon, France sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Deutschland, and others. The multi-day event brings together many foundation members and hackers to work on moving Wikimedia and MediaWiki forward.

A list of all the tasks 'on the board' for Lyon can be found in Phabricator