MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Annual Report 2016

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Focus Areas[edit]

In 2016, we focused mainly on these areas:

  • Continuation and improvement of MediaWiki user experience. We are striving to keep user experience of MediaWiki as consistent and integrated as possible for self-installed MediaWiki instances (see output).
  • Exchange of experience among stakeholders, i.e. primarily people running MediaWiki as their platform. This was done in regular online and offline meetings as well as through our online platform at
  • WikiApiary. We took over maintenance of one major existing platform to gather usage statistics for MediaWiki instances and continued to support its editing community.
  • Incorporation. Though we are not incorporated yet, becoming a legal entity is vital to achieving our goals. We have made great steps by clarifying the place and form of incorporation.
  • Building a MediaWiki organisation. We explored the idea of creating a MediaWiki organisation and the path towards this goal.


Exchange of Experience[edit]

Real Life Meetings[edit]

These meetings are used to discuss current issues of MediaWiki and of the Stakeholders' group with a wider audience. They are generally open to the public, thus reaching out to potential new members for the group.

Online Meetings[edit]


Real Life[edit]

In 2016, we actively participated in various MediaWiki and Open Source conferences, among others with these topics:

  • Developers' Summit 2016 - MediaWiki governance
  • Wikimedia Conference - Experiences with our survey[1], ideas on a MediaWiki organisation[2].
  • Jerusalem Hackathon - Translating technical documentation, Improve navigation for extension developers
  • EMWCon Spring 2016 - discussion about a MediaWiki organisation[3], actual use case[4]
  • Wikimania Esino Lario - Thoughts on MediaWiki governance[5], Extension Manager, MW git, and others
  • SMWCon Fall 2016 Frankfurt - Application prototyping as a use case for MediaWiki[6], MediaWiki git[7], actual use case[8]


Participation in discussions on 3rd party relevant topics


  • In 2016 we raised no money and we spent no money.