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MediaWiki 1.24[edit]

This is a list of issues we need to pay attention to in the MediaWiki_1.24.

  • Important: Skin autodiscovery is disabled.
  • jQuery update
  • Support for IE6 has been removed

Development topics that need 3rd party's attention[edit]

This is a list of issues we need to pay attention to in the engineering goals. This is very initial, contributions are very welcome!

  • Top Prio
    • Migrate to HHVM: Impact on 3rd party users?
    • Phabricator: How can extension devs use this?
  • Language
    • ContentTranslation: Availability for 3rd parties? Migration path necessary?
  • Core
    • Search: lsearchd? Architecture?
    • Category intersection: External tool?
  • Release and QA
    • Acceptance test suite available for MW1.24: can ext devs use this?
  • Engineering
    • UX and doc debt in mw.o -> can we help?
  • Multimedia
    • Upload wizard: is this versioned?
    • MediaViewer: How can external users use this?
  • Editor Engagement
    • Flow: when is this versioned?
  • Editing
    • VE as a stable extension?
  • Services
    • Packaging
    • HTML Templating service - Impact?
    • Storage Service - Impact?


Sometimes deprecations are used as a way to shift the burden of coordination work on someone else's shoulders: phabricator:T127233#2269563.