MediaWiki 1.18/Roadmap/status


Last update on: 2011-11-30


Thanks to the efforts of the code review team, the backlog of unreviewed commits for MediaWiki 1.18 was drastically reduced in June (see chart). Mark Hershberger started a discussion about which extensions to bundle with MediaWiki 1.18.


MediaWiki 1.18 was initially branched in May. It was re-branched in mid-July because trunk was in a better working state than the former 1.18 branch. This increased the amount of yet unreviewed commits, but will eventually save time and effort towards the deployment of 1.18 to the Wikimedia cluster, and its release to the public. A revision report was created to focus on the remaining commits to review.


Code review on MediaWiki 1.18 progressed well in August and should be over by mid September (see chart). Engineers have been going through the remaining revisions in the revision report and identifying those that needed fixing. Actually resolving the issues discovered took longer but the rate eventually improved. Gradual deployment to Wikimedia wikis is planned over September, using the newly completed heterogeneous deployment system.


Wikimedia engineers worked together relentlessly in September to ready MediaWiki 1.18 for deployment. They finalized the review of the code, and fixed all the issues they could find. The deployment to Wikimedia sites was split into several phases using the heterogeneous deployment system. Stages 1 and 2 were completed on select wikis without too much trouble. Deployment to all remaining Wikimedia sites is scheduled for October 4th, 2011.


The deployment of MediaWiki 1.18 was successfully completed on all Wikimedia wikis. Developers are now fixing the remaining bugs before releasing 1.18 for third parties. The first beta is expected in early November.


Sam Reed announced the release of MediaWiki 1.18 beta 1, the first beta release of MediaWiki 1.18.


Sam Reed is slated to release 1.18 RC1 this week (possibly today).


Developers sprinted to fix the last blocker bugs, and the ones uncovered by testers. Sam Reed announced the first beta release and first release candidate of MediaWiki 1.18. Mark Hershberger followed up on comments on the English Wikipedia's Village pump related to the deployment of 1.18, bugs reported in bugzilla, and installation and upgrade reports. Sam announced the final 1.18.0 release on November 27th, as well as the 1.17.1 security release.