MediaWiki-Docker/Configuration recipes/VueSSR


To run the experimental VueSSRProvider Extension in MW-Docker, you'll want to add a Node service to your environment. To do this, add the following code to your docker-compose.override.yml file (or create this file in your project root if you don't have one already):

# docker-compose.override.yml
version: '3.7'
  # ... any other services you've defined
    build: ./extensions/VueSSRProvider/server
      - 8082:8082

The VueSSRProvider extension already includes a custom Dockerfile to build the service container. Finally, in your LocalSettings.php file you'll need to override the default URL that VueSSRProvider makes requests to:

wfLoadExtension( 'VueSSRProvider' );
$wgSSRVueRendererServerUrl = "http://vuessr:8082/render";