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When are these functions called?[edit]

I am trying to determine at what point the extension set up functions in the $wgExtensionFunctions array are actually called. Could somebody please clarify? Thanks. --Wikitonic 18:44, 20 June 2008 (UTC) | Update: Nevermind, I thought "setup.php" referred to the setup file for the extension, not the one for MediaWiki itself in /includes/setup.php. --Wikitonic 18:47, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

When is this preferred over inline setup code?[edit]

It would be interesting to read an explanation of when to use this hook vs. simply including the setup code at the top level of MyExtension.php. --Lil Devil 06:51, 29 May 2010 (UTC)

Explained a bit[1]. Max Semenik 08:37, 29 May 2010 (UTC)