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Latest comment: 16 years ago by Johan Lont in topic Manual pages

From Manual:$wgEnotifWatchlist, I understand the following:

If someone sets the $wgEnotifWatchlist option to true, that user will get one e-mail notification when someone else changes a page they are watching.

The manual does not speak of any further selection, so I conclude that the user will get notifications for any change made by someone else.

If the $wgEnotifMinorEdits option is not set, the system apparently goes back to 'standard' behavior, which is to send notifications for any type of change (as no other distinction is documented).

Based on what I read in these manual page, it does not matter whether one sets the $wgEnotifMinorEdits option or not.

Still, I think it would be nice if a user would have the possibility to exclude minor edits from the notification system. Hence my proposal:

Enhancement proposal


I propose that the effect of the $wgEnotifWatchlist option is changed as follows:

If a user has set the $wgEnotifWatchlist option, the first time someone changes a page on the user's watchlist after the user viewed the page, an e-mail is sent to notify the user. However, if the user has not set the $wgEnotifMinorEdits option, that user is not notified of minor edits.

The effect of the $wgEnotifMinorEdits option should that be extended as follows:

If a user has not set the $wgEnotifMinorEdits option, no notifications are sent for minor edits.

Manual pages


After these enhancements have been made (and somehow I have got the feeling that it has been implemented like this from the beginning), the manual pages must be changed to reflect the actual behavior. Johan Lont 09:51, 27 March 2008 (UTC)Reply