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updateSearchIndex.php is a maintenance script used for periodic off-peak updating of the search index for the recently changed pages. If you need to rebuild the search index entirely, run rebuildtextindex.php instead.


php maintenance/updateSearchIndex.php [-s start-timestamp] [-e end-timestamp] [-p posfile] [-l locktime] [-q]

$ php maintenance/updateSearchIndex.php -s 20081020224040
Updating searchindex between 20081020224040 and 20091209103945
   --- Waiting for lock ---
    --- Unlocking --

Write permissions

The script will write the end timestamp on the file specified by the -p parameter, that will default to searchUpdate.WIKI_ID.pos. The script will fail if the user executing the command doesn't have permissions to write to that file. To prevent the error, specify a file with write permissions, or create the file yourself and give it the appropriate permissions.