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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Skin.php and the translation is 40% complete.


Encapsulates a "look and feel" for the wiki. All of the functions that render HTML or make choices on how to render HTML are here. They are called from various other places when needed.

The skin being used can be extracted from the nearest RequestContext. Before 1.18 $wgUser ->getSkin() was used to get the skin object.

Modern skins extend the SkinTemplate class, which in turn extends the Skin class.


  • function outputPage called from function output in OutputPage.php . It calls function out in OutputPage.php a number of times, to send the HTML to the user: $mBodytext and HTML before and after it.
  • function generateUserJs called from RawPage.php to generate the user specific JavaScript.
  • function generateUserStylesheet called from RawPage.php to generate the user specific stylesheet.

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