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By default MediaWiki has several user groups that can grant a user a set of user rights. See also the list of groups.

Special:UserRights (MediaWiki 1.10 and higher)[edit]

MediaWiki version: 1.10

There is a simple interface (Special:UserRights) for adding a user to or removing a user from one or more user groups. To do this the acting user must have the userrights user right, which by default is granted to the "Bureaucrat" user group. You can access Special:UserRights directly or via Special:SpecialPages in the toolbox on the left (as of MediaWiki 1.16.0).

For help in using Special:UserRights, refer to Help:User rights and groupsHelp:User rights and groups.

Older versions of MediaWikiMediaWiki (prior to 1.15) do not have a general interface or setting the user rights field of user accounts (use Special:Makesysop instead).

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