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O arquivo rollbackEdits.php é um script de manutenção para reverter todas as edições de um determinado usuário ou IP desde que seja a edição mais recente (exatamente como a reversão real). This functionality can also rollback multiple edits, provided they have been made by the same user or IP.


Option/Parameter Description
--user A user or IP to rollback all edits for. This parameter is mandatory - also if --titles is being used. The script will not work, if no username is provided or if the provided username is invalid.
--titles A list of titles, which should be rolled back. If no titles are provided, all titles where the given user is the most recent editor will be rolled back. Multiple titles have to be separated by a pipe (|). Default: No titles provided.
If the latest edit(s) are not by the user, who has been provided in --user, then the script will leave the page alone and will not roll it back.
--summary Edit summary to use. If no summary is provided, $this->mSelf . ' mass rollback' will be used.
--bot Mark the edits as having been done by a bot.