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removeUnusedAccounts.php jest skryptem konserwacyjnym. Pozwala na usunięcie nie używanych kont, z których nie zostały wykonane żadne edycje, usunięte edycje, czynności, przesłania plików.

You can use deleteArchivedRevisions.php to first remove deleted revisions (e.g. after a massive vandalism/spam attack) and run removeUnusedAccounts.php afterwards.


Opcja/Parametr Opis
--ignore-touched Skip accounts touched in last N days. If not set, it defaults to "1". In this case the script will check/remove all unused accounts up to the current date, including accounts created just a few seconds ago.
--ignore-groups List of comma-separated groups to exclude. Accounts from these groups will not be removed, also if they are unused.
--delete Delete the accounts. Running it without the parameter --delete, the script will only list the unused accounts.