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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:RefreshImageMetadata.php and the translation is 16% complete.


De refreshImageMetadata.php bestand is een onderhoud script om afbeelding metadatavelden vernieuwen.



Option/Parameter Beschrijving
--force Reload metadata from file even if the metadata looks ok.
--broken-only Only fix really broken records, leave old but still compatible records alone.
--verbose Output extra information about each upgraded/non-upgraded file.
--start="file_name" Name of file to start with. Spaces must be replaced by underscores, since the parameter will be used to match the file name as stored in the database.
--end="file_name" Name of file to end with.
--mediatype="media type" Only refresh files with this media type, e.g. BITMAP, UNKNOWN etc.
--mime="MIME type" Only refresh files with this MIME type. Can accept wild-card 'image/*'. Potentially inefficient unless mediatype is also specified
--metadata-contains="string" (Inefficient!) Only refresh files where the img_metadata field contains this string. Can be used if its known a specific property was being extracted incorrectly