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rebuildall.php file is a maintenance script to rebuild the links and indices used for searching your site.

You should run this script after importing some data into your wiki. It will populate the categorylinks, pagelinks, and imagelinks tables and refresh the search index. It will not import or "register" images (even if they are in upload directory and there are articles referencing them). You should use the rebuildImages.php or importImages.php scripts to do this.

This script is equivalent to running rebuildtextindex.php followed by rebuildrecentchanges.php , and finally followed by refreshLinks.php . Note that running this script marks all previously patrolled edits as unpatrolled.




php maintenance/rebuildall.php
$ php maintenance/rebuildall.php

** Rebuilding fulltext search index (if you abort this will break searching; run this script again to fix):
Dropping index...
Clearing searchindex table...Done
Rebuilding index fields for 29 pages...

Rebuild the index...

** Rebuilding recentchanges table:
Rebuilding $wgRCMaxAge=7776000 seconds (90 days)
Clearing recentchanges table for time range...
Loading from page and revision tables...
Inserting from page and revision tables...
Updating links and size differences...
Loading from user and logging tables...
Flagging bot account edits...
Flagging auto-patrolled edits...
Removing duplicate revision and logging entries...
Deleting feed timestamps.

** Rebuilding links tables -- this can take a long time. It should be safe to abort via ctrl+C if you get bored.
Refreshing redirects table.
Starting from page_id 1 of 29.
Refreshing links tables.
Starting from page_id 1 of 29.
Deleting illegal entries from the links tables...
  Checking interval (-INF, INF)
    pagelinks: 0 deleted.
    imagelinks: 0 deleted.
    categorylinks: 0 deleted.
    templatelinks: 0 deleted.
    externallinks: 0 deleted.
    iwlinks: 0 deleted.
    langlinks: 0 deleted.
    redirect: 0 deleted.
    page_props: 0 deleted.