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rebuildLocalisationCache.php file is a maintenance script to rebuild the localisation cache. Useful if you disabled automatic updates using $wgLocalisationCacheConf ['manualRecache'] = true;


php rebuildLocalisationCache.php [--force] [--threads=N] [--outdir=PATH] [--lang=LANG1,LANG2...]


Opcja/Parametr Opis
--force rebuild all files, even the ones that are not out of date.
--threads=<number> fork more threads.
--outdir=<folder> override the output directory (normally $wgCacheDirectory ). MW 1.20+
--lang=<langcode> rebuild only these languages (accepts a comma separated list of language codes, like --lang=de,en,es,it). MW 1.22+

Introduced in r52503 (MW 1.16).