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Wikimedia Git repository has this file: scripts/

When a page needs to be changed in order to refresh all kinds of relations, can do the work. This program updates a record without making any changes. Running will not create entries on the "recent changes". Technically, what it does is take each page and save it, without making any changes (null edit), thus refreshing the relations with categories and other relations.

Scenario 1[edit]

When a category is added to a much used template, running will add the existing pages to the category.


Basically understands the same like replace.pyManual:Pywikibot/ as well as the general parameters.

Furthermore the parameter purge is supported which applies a purge operation instead of a null edit to the selected files.

Examples[edit] -start:!
 python -lang:fr -family:wiktionary -cat:anglais
 python -lang:fr -family:wiktionary -transcludes:"pron-rég" -purge

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