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Git logo will move pages out of redirected categories.

The bot will look for categories that are marked with a category redirect template, take the first parameter of the template as the target of the redirect, and move all pages and subcategories of the category there. It also changes hard redirects into soft redirects, and fixes double redirects. A log is written under <userpage>/category_redirect_log. Only category pages that haven't been edited for a certain cooldown period (currently 7 days) are taken into account.


No bot-specific parameters.

Global arguments available

These options will override the configuration in settings.

Global options
ParameterDescriptionConfig variable
- Read the bot's configuration data from directory given by PATH, instead of from the default directory.
-lang:xx mylang
-family:xyz family
-user:xyz usernames
-log log
-log:xyz logfilename
-maxlag maxlag
Set the minimum time (in seconds) the bot will wait between saving pages. put_throttle
-debug:item Enable the log file and include extensive debugging data for component "item" (for all components if the second form is used). debug_log
-verbose Have the bot provide additional console output that may be useful in debugging. verbose_output
-cosmeticchanges Toggles the cosmetic_changes setting made in or to its inverse and overrules it. All other settings and restrictions are untouched. cosmetic_changes
-simulate simulate
- You may use all given numeric config variables as option and modify it with command line.