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Panoramiopicker was a free Python program for easy upload of large numbers of images from Panoramio to Wikimedia Commons. The program was part of Pywikibot and was deprecated after panoramio was closed.



Panoramiopicker was part of Pywikibot. You first need to install pywikibot. At Using the pywikibot you can find a manual on how to install pywikibot.

Easy install

We need to install 2 more packages. For this we need setuptools. You can download the latest version at

Python Image Library

Python Image Library (PIL) was used to show the image. You can install it by running the command at a command prompt:

easy_install PIL

If you recently installed pywikibot your contains a panoramio section, otherwise you have to add it to yourself. Edit with your favorite text editor.

# Configuration of
panoramio = {
    'review': False,  # Do we use automatically make our uploads reviewed? (True or False)
    'reviewer': 'REVIEWER_NAME', # If so, under what reviewer name?
  • review : If you want to mark all images as review automatically. Use "True" only if you have a reviewer or sysop flag on Commons!
  • reviewer : Add your username here if you want to mark images as reviewed by you.


To run Panoramiopicker you have to browse to the Pywikibot folder. Then type the following:


You are presented with various options:

Options to tell what images to work on:
  1. set - The id of the Panoramio user to work on. Works on all images uploaded by a user. Username is not an id! For example, id for user Alexxx1979 is 5528490 (you can find it in URL).
  2. -start_id - Start at the photo with this id (useful for resuming uploads). Use this in combination with -set
  3. -end_id - Stop at the photo with this id (useful if you just want to do a part of the upload and later resume with -start_id)
Options to tell how to work on each image:
  1. -tags - Filter out a certain tag (only one at the moment, will be changed to support multiple tags).
  2. -panoramioreview - Mark as panoramioreviewed, this overrides the settings in your
  3. -reviewer - Set the reviewer for panoramioreview, this overrides the settings in your
  4. -override - Remove the licensing part and replace it with something custom. Can be used for transfering copyrighted photo's for which you have OTRS permission. Use with care!
  5. -addcategory - Manually add a category (will be changed to support multiple categories)
  6. -autonomous - For autonomous uploading without showing of each image. Use with care!


python -set:5528490 -addcategory


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 28, in <module>
    from PIL import Image, ImageTk    # see:
ImportError: No module named PIL

You can fix this by manually PIL installation (Archived 2012-04-02 at WebCite) (not by easy_install).