From is a script to mass add Wikidata claims based on information harvested from Wikipedia templates.


Templates on Wikipedia, especially infoboxes, contain a lot of useful information that can be used to add claims to Wikidata items.


The bot expects a generator, the name of the template and pairs the field in the template and the property to store this in. The command will look like:

$ python harvest_template <some generator> \
    -template:<name of template> \
    <field A> P1 <field B> P3

This is an actual command with real values:

$ python harvest_template -lang:en -family:wikipedia -namespace:0 \
        -template:"Infobox person" image P18 birth_place P19

The bot will automatically figure out whether to parse an item property or to use a string property.

Depending on your configuration, you may need to specify which site to pull the template from. You can do this with -lang:XX -family:wikipedia where XX is the language code of the wiki you want to use.