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populateRevisionLength.php file is a maintenance script to populate the rev_len and ar_len fields for old revisions created before MW 1.10.

The rev_len and ar_len fields contain the length of the article in bytes after a new revision or deletion.

This script runs by default when you run update.php . It processes 200 items in a batch.


This script does not take any options or arguments.


php maintenance/populateRevisionLength.php

$ php maintenance/populateRevisionLength.php

Populating rev_len column
...doing rev_id from 1 to 200
...doing rev_id from 201 to 400
...doing rev_id from 401 to 600
...doing rev_id from 601 to 800
Populating ar_len column
...doing ar_id from 1 to 200

rev_len and ar_len population complete [0 revision rows, 0 archive rows].

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