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You must have PHPUnit 3.7.0 (or later) installed to run the unit tests. Most developers use the very latest PHPUnit version, so there is no guarantee an older one will actually pass the tests we wrote.

It seems that PHPUnit 7 does not work with MediaWiki at the moment. Use PHPUnit 6 instead.

Install methods[edit]

Note the known issue below. The Debian/Ubuntu package is broken.

The recommended way to install PHPUnit is by downloading a PHP Archive (PHAR file). With the resolution of bug 58881, this should work now.

If you use Composer to manage your MediaWiki dependencies, it should install PHPUnit for you, although it installs PHPUnit specifically for the tests/phpunit/phpunit.php script, not for general command-line use.

Testing your installation[edit]

$ which phpunit
$ phpunit --version
PHPUnit A.B.C by Sebastian Bergmann.


is the installation prefix which depends upon your distribution and the installation method used. Usually one of /usr, /usr/local/ or /opt/local/.
is the PHPUnit version

If you have something similar to phpunit --version output above, you should be fine and can start running the unit tests.

Known issues[edit]

Apt package for Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04 is broken[edit]

sudo apt-get install phpunit results in a broken installation missing "PHP/CodeCoverage/Filter.php" (Ubuntu launchpad bug 770394).

Try doing a manual installation instead.

Class File_Iterator not found[edit]

This might happen when trying to run PHPUnit under Ubuntu 11.04.

$ phpunit --version
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'File_Iterator' not found in /usr/share/php/File/Iterator/Factory.php on line 105

You will have to alter the PHPUnit source code shipped by Ubuntu:

  • Edit /usr/share/pear/File/Iterator/Factory.php
  • on line 44 add require_once 'File/Iterator.php';.

(Or install using PEAR).

If that doesn't work, or you're on Windows-family operating systems, follow the installation instructions in the PHPUnit manual.

DiffHistoryBlobTest::testXdiffAdler32 test failing[edit]

DiffHistoryBlobTest::testXdiffAdler32 with data set #0 ('', 'Empty string') String is not zero-terminated ()
xdiff_string_diff() [tests/002.phpt], xdiff_string_patch() [tests/006.phpt] and xdiff_string_merge3() [tests/010.phpt] unit tests fail.

This is bug 35110 and PHP#bug 61358. This might happen when using version of pecl-xdiff PHP extension older than 1.5.2 with PHP 5.3.10+. To fix, please upgrade pecl-xdiff extension to version 1.5.2 or newer. The xdiff tool is not affected by this problem.

Installation troubleshooting[edit]

If you get a version error after installation, for example...

PHPUnit 3.6.7 or later required, you have 3.5.15.

...this means that you probably have more than one version of PHPUnit installed on your machine. You may need to edit your include_path in your php.ini file to point to the location of the newer installation. You may also need to add this path to the PATH variable in your .profile.

If you get the error...

This version of PHPUnit requires PHP 5.6. either need to upgrade PHP or downgrade PHPUnit. PHPUnit 4.8 is compatible with PHP 5.5 and earlier.