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nukePage.php file is a maintenance script to erase a page record from the database irreversibly (you cannot use standard undelete functions to restore it).

The script does not update link tables, which means that links to and from that page will still be present in Special:WhatLinksHere queries, for example.

Advertencia Advertencia: This script attempts to remove unused entries from the text table, which can cause potential data loss.


Opción/parámetro Descripción Required?
title pagetitle is the title of the page you want to delete. Include the namespace and use underscores instead of spaces. Required
--delete Use this option to actually delete the page. Otherwise it will just print out if the page was found or not, but won't perform any deletion. Optional


php maintenance/nukePage.php pageTitle [ --delete ]

Dry run to check deletion


Making deletion action


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