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makeTestEdits.php maintenance script allows a developer to made random edits for testing. This is a very helpful feature for those who run test wiki and want to create some random pages to testing a new version or patch.


オプション 説明 必須かどうか 既定値
--user Valid username of an existing user on wiki 必須
--count Number of edits to be made 必須
--namespace Namespace number in which edits need to be made 省略可能 0 (Main namespace)


php maintenance/makeTestEdits.php --user UserName --count EditCounts [--namespace NamespaceNumer]

Making 20 edits with username Foo

$ php maintenance/makeTestEdits.php --user "Foo" --count 20

Edited Page 81
Edited Page 4d
Edited Page 24
Edited Page d8
Edited Page 3f
Edited Page ce
Edited Page d2
Edited Page 17
Edited Page 06
Edited Page 89
Edited Page 34
Edited Page 3b
Edited Page a4
Edited Page f9
Edited Page b8
Edited Page 72
Edited Page e5
Edited Page dd
Edited Page 53
Edited Page a3
Spaces inside a username must be replaced with underscores ( _ ) or use double quotation like "Foo Bar"

Common error

No such user exists.

This indicates that the username is not a valid username of an existing user on wiki. If the username contains spaces, see Tip 1 above.