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LogEntry.php утрымлівае клясы, якія працуюць з асобнымі запісамі ў журналах падзеяў. It has the interface LogEntry, the abstract class LogEntryBase, and the classes DatabaseLogEntry, RCDatabaseLogEntry, and ManualLogEntry.


  • ManualLogEntry is used for creating new log entries and then inserting them into the database.
  • DatabaseLogEntry is used as a value class to process existing log entries. In other words, it caches a log entry from the database and provides an immutable object-oriented representation of it. It is most commonly instantiated via DatabaseLogEntry::newFromRow() and can be instantiated using entries from either the logging or recentchanges table.
  • RCDatabaseLogEntry is a subclass of DatabaseLogEntry for objects constructed from entries in the recentchanges table (rather than the logging table).


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