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Screenshot of the desktop view of MediaWiki 1.31
Screenshot of the mobile view

The MediaWiki interface is the entirety of the output HTML code of a wiki page except the body text itself. The interface includes the tabs above each page, the sidebar, and personal links.

Lokalisera gränssnittet

The default interface for many languages is defined in the MediaWiki localization files, and will update automatically if the language set by $wgLanguageCode or if a user's preferences are changed.

You can edit the text strings and images displayed for the current user interface language via the special page Special:Allmessages. For more information on this page and editing these messages, please see:

Anpassa gränssnittet

Depending on one's requirements and programming expertise, there are several customization techniques available:

Editing interface messages is typically straightforward, just like editing a normal wiki page. These messages set defaults for various parts of the user interface and contain a combination of plain text, wiki markup, CSS and JavaScript. For details, see the documentation of the individual messages.

  • Skins – Fundamental changes to the layout of the interface may require attaching functions to one or more skin hooks and/or the creation of a custom skin.

For more information, please see Manual:Utseenden .

  • /JavaScriptimprove browser behavior using some scripts. Includes a list of JavaScript variables.
  • /Stylesheetsimprove layout and design using CSS.
  • /IDs and classesa list of common CSS IDs and classes.

Se även

  • Manual:Forms - discusses how to add forms to both the interface and within the body of articles.